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Refrigerator Repair Atlanta

Did you know that refrigerator repairs are the most frequently requested repair in the Atlanta area?  Think about it refrigerators & ice makers have to run 24 hours a day for years on end. 

We know that because Dependable Appliance Repairs is the oldest appliance repair company in the Atlanta area.  We’ve been serving the Atlanta since 1970.  That’s over 45 years!  Our technicians are background checked and drug screened for your families safety and they use for protectors and mats to protect your home.  The technician will arrive in a Dependable truck and wear a Dependable uniform.  He will troubleshoot the problem and provide you a written flat rate quote before any repairs are made.  All repairs are guaranteed and we take most credit cards.  Just give us a call at (678) 981-8816 during regular hours or schedule your own appointment by clicking the schedule now above.

Emergency Refrigerator Repairs

Dependable Appliance Repairs provides emergency repairs on residential and commercial refrigerators & freezers.  Just give us a call at (678) 981-8816 and follow the prompts for 24/7 emergency service.  We understand you could lose hundreds of dollars of food if you anybody would you do and that’s what you do and wait until later. 

Refrigerator Door Seal Problems

And the work out those doors get, especially with kids, insurer it’s not just the compressor that fails.  Refrigerator door seals and hinges are some of the most frequent repairs.  Bad door seals and hinges actually lead to higher probability use of compressor failure because they lacked heat in.  Use the dollar bill test to ensure your refrigerator door is sealing properly.

Dollar Bill Test

Place a dollar bill between the door and the refrigerator case.  Slowly pull the dollar around the door being sensitive to consistent pressure being placed on the dollar.  The seal should make smooth and continuous contact with the refrigerator case.  Also checked the seal for any signs of cracking or lack of flexibility.  Sometimes it’s a simple matter of cleaning the seal to improve its operation.  Kids often poll on doors causing misalignment and wear.  Lift up on the door handle to see if there’s any movement that may need to be addressed.

Refrigerator Not Cooling

If your refrigerator is not cooling one of first things you should check is lint buildup on the evaporator coils on the outside of the refrigerator.  The squirrels are seldom cleaned and the land they collect four men insulation that prevents cooling.

Refrigerator Water Dispenser Not Working

Refrigerators with water dispensers have solenoids that control water flow and fail occasionally.  If the refrigerator has been pulled out lately ensure that the shutoff valve coming from the wall was not turned off.

Refrigerator Ice Maker Not Working

There’s two primary reasons why an ice maker and may not work.  First is water not getting into the ice maker.  Second may be a failure of the actual ice maker. 

Other Refrigerator Problems

There are numerous other problems such: as not defrosting, drain clogged, refrigerator noisy and cold freezer but warm refrigerator etc..  We can handle all of your refrigerator repair needs.  Our trucks carry the most common refrigerator repair parts and we have we have access to special parts for fast repairs.  Just give us a call at (678) 981-8816 and speak with one of our professional and friendly customer service representatives.  We look forward to helping you soon.